Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
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In every tenant’s life there comes a time when they have to move out. And all of them know what has to be done at this time if they want to get their safety deposit back from the landlord. Even if you are new to this, there is always a first time! And it is a tough job let us warn you! That is why BuZy Bees offer their end of tenancy cleaning services for the entire area of Glasgow! They are looking to help people clean their apartments to perfection, and mostly satisfy the landlord, meet all the standards that they have so that the deposit will be safely returned in full!

What is the end of tenancy cleaning?

To put it most simply, it is the cleaning of every corner of every room that you inhabited, every piece of furniture and kitchen appliance you used during your stay in the property. It is to return or even make better the way that the home looks so that it would be clean and sanitized for the next tenant to use safely. When you sign a tenancy contract, there is always a clause that states you have to keep the premises clean, and you have to perform a last thorough cleaning once your appliance is over or you simply decide to move out. Some landlords specifically require that the tenants have to hire professional cleaners that will issue a cleanliness certificate. Others don’t have those requirements. But choosing to trust professionals is far smarter than trying to do it on your own!

BuZy Bees to the rescue!

Professional cleaning services are great for such cases because the experts have a check-list which they follow through when they clean so that they make sure nothing will be missed! It is the same check-list that the landlord will use during the last inspection, that will decide how much of your deposit you will receive. As we mentioned, the end of tenancy cleaning services includes the disinfection of every room. They will pay extra attention to the kitchen and bathroom, as those are the rooms that get very dirty! They will not forget about the simplest things as well, such as the door handles, light switches and picture frames. So that you can rest assured the entire house is thoroughly cleaned!



Extra quality!

The Glasgow cleaners of the BuZy Bees use only non-harsh eco-friendly cleaning supplies, which they carry with themselves. They make sure to reduce the risk of allergic reactions, while at the same time eliminate all bacteria, dust and dirt! They offer bespoke quotes, which means that they will clean only what you want them to, for an individually tailored price!

Make sure to leave your landlord very happy with the cleanliness of the property. That way, you will also be satisfied when they give you the full safety deposit back! Take advantage of Glasgow’s number one cleaning agency’s services, and they won’t allow your landlord to have a reason to be disappointed!